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Somali Bantu New Comedy Shahaari              

SHORT STORY Somali Bantu Film

Banllywood New Comedy Shahaari. 
Presented By Banllywood
Hear us out!
Hear us out!

Warbixma ha Caalamka

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About SBTV Somali Bantu TV, the SBTV it is under Banllywood Company. We also named the full name of the Company "BANLLYWOOD ENTERTAINMENT/SBTV, INC" This entertainment is the first group around the world for the community of the Somali Bantu but it hasn't become a popular an international. Banllywood is always stand to create new movies, comedy, and all different news and also other kinds of programs that our people interest every time. Banllywood is also to welcome any other programs who is willing to help and support our entertainment mission. Banllywood has promised to keep the Somali Bantu culture by movies, Comedy, news and other programs to make them understand what is going around the world.